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258 Hours

2022-01-08 - 2024-01-08

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153 Hours

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105 Hours

Top 5 Listened to Songs

The Bunny The BearLast Night53
The Devil Wears PradaCancer52
Hollywood UndeadHouse Of Mirrors (feat. Jelly Roll)51
TheDooo...But I Pretend I'm a Beginner42
JordyPurpEmpty (with The Word Alive)40

My Podcasts

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1865Airship / Wondery
99% InvisibleRoman Mars
AFK w/ NinjaNinja
AWS PodcastAmazon Web Services
All-American: Venus & SerenaStitcher Studios
Archewell AudioSpotify Studios
Backend BanterLane Wagner
Backpacker RadioBackpacker Radio
Basecamp: A Climbing Magazine PodcastClimbing Magazine
Beyond Bardstown: UnsolvedVAULT Studios
Business of TechMSP Radio
Can You Survive This Podcast?Jeff Apple
Changelog Master FeedChangelog Media
Click HereRecorded Future News
Code[ish]Salesforce Engineering
Darknet DiariesJack Rhysider
Dev InterruptedLinearB
Developer TeaJonathan Cutrell
Eric Hörst's Training For Climbing podcastEric J. Hörst
FKT PodcastFastest Known
First Date with Lauren ComptonYMH Studios
Full Stack RadioAdam Wathan
Hacking the OrgContainer Solutions
Hanselminutes with Scott HanselmanScott Hanselman
How I WriteDavid Perell
Humans OutsideAmy Bushatz
Inside Forbes CouncilsForbes Councils
Jammin' with the Best: A Disc Golf Podcast....MostlyJammin' WIth The Best
Lex Fridman PodcastLex Fridman
Live Wild or Die. Presented by wild gym.wild gym
Long Way RadioJack Fisher
Making Sense with Sam HarrisSam Harris
MtnMeisterBen Schenck
On The MetalOxide Computer Company
Out and BackGaia GPS
Outside PodcastOutside
Oxide and FriendsOxide Computer Company
PodRocket - A web development podcast from LogRocketLogRocket
Running It with Nate SextonNate Sexton and Jarett Orr
Software Engineering
Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software
StarTalk RadioNeil deGrasse Tyson
Streaming Audio: Apache Kafka® & Real-Time DataConfluent, founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka®
Stuff You Should KnowiHeartPodcasts
System DesignWes and Kevin
Techmeme Ride HomeRide Home Media
The Art of ManlinessThe Art of Manliness
The Building a Second Brain PodcastTiago Forte
The Changelog: Software Development, Open SourceChangelog Media
The Engineering Leadership PodcastThe Engineering Leadership Community (ELC)
The InfoQ PodcastInfoQ
The Joe Rogan ExperienceJoe Rogan
The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastDr. Jordan B. Peterson
The Louis Theroux PodcastSpotify Studios
The Matt Walsh ShowThe Daily Wire
The Minimalists PodcastJoshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
The Nugget Climbing PodcastSteven Dimmitt
The Peter Attia DrivePeter Attia, MD
The Pleasure Is OursiHeartPodcasts
The Ron Burgundy PodcastBig Money Players Network and iHeartPodcasts
The SaaS Podcast - SaaS, Startups, Growth Hacking & EntrepreneurshipOmer Khan
The Stack Overflow PodcastThe Stack Overflow Podcast
The Tee OffPatty Robinson
The TrainingBeta Podcast: A Climbing Training PodcastNeely Quinn
The Work Item - A Career Growth and Exploration PodcastDen Delimarsky
This Past Weekend w/ Theo VonTheo Von
This Week in StartupsJason Calacanis
Thoughtworks Technology PodcastThoughtworks
Web RushDan Wahlin, John Papa, Ward Bell, Craig Shoemaker
Weekly Dev TipsSteve Smith (@ardalis)
eCrimeBytes.comKeith Jones